Safety Glass

sml_safetyglass1-190x190Safety glass has become the preferred choice for many of our customers for a variety of reasons. Here is a brief description of the two main types of safety glass.

Toughened Safety Glass

A heat treated glass that is very strong but when broken, crumbles into small, less dangerous pieces. Along with toughened glass, providing added strength and safety features than regular glass, it also has an added benefit of heat resistance. This makes it perfect for use in kitchen splashbacks.

Laminated Safety Glass

Two pieces of glass laminated, together with a clear film in between, that when broken holds together as one piece limiting the damage that can be done from glass falling out of the frame. Laminated safety glass also has the added benefit that it blocks 99% of incoming UV radiation protecting your carpets, curtains and furniture from fading.

We use safety glass mainly in doors or side panels but it is required in bathrooms as an Australian Standard AS1288-2006. We use it heavily in schools and anywhere there is an increased risk of impact or breakage.

Our glaziers are fully qualified and we are also accredited by the AGGA (Australian Glass & Glazing Assoc). Our glaziers are trained to the highest standards so you know your job will be done by a professional first time, everytime. Our glaziers can identify the different types of safety glass and also identify when and where safety glass is required by the Australian Standard AS1288-2006. Installing safety glass in your home or office makes sense for a lot of reasons, not only for the health and safety of your friends, family or employees, but it can also add to the security of your premises by adding to the strength of the glass.

If you have any question about having a window repaired with safety glass or you just need to update the glass in your home or office, simply call us or use the contact form to get in touch with one of our friendly glaziers.