Obscure glass

Obscure-190x190Obscure glass, whether patterned, frosted, printed or formed glass, can be the perfect option when privacy is the goal. Selecting the right glass for the right application is something we specialise here at Somerville Glass. We have a huge range of obscure glass available so we can get the perfect balance of privacy and light transmission. Changing the glass in your bathroom or beside your front door is a simple process and the results can be phenomenal.

Patterned Glass

Patterned glass is an obscure glass where a pattern has been imprinted onto the surface of the glass during manufacturing; here are some great examples. Patterned glass is a cheap, versatile option where privacy and light transmission need to be considered. Patterned glass is available in float glass or toughened safety glass which makes it the perfect option in your bathroom or the entrance to your home where safety glass is required by Australian Standard AS1288-2006.

Frosted Glass

Frosted glass is where the whole surface of the glass has a white opaque frost. Frosted glass is available in two different products. The first option is acid etched glass; this is where the glass is treated with acid on one surface to give it a plain white frost. Acid etched glass is available in both float and toughened safety glass. The second option is translucent laminated safety glass. In this option, the frost is the colour of the plastic interlayer in between the two sheets of glass.

Formed Glass

A fantastic looking obscure glass, formed glass is manufactured where a sheet of normal clear glass is laid on a special pattern then heated in a kiln until the glass reaches a temperature where the glass forms to the shape of the pattern below.