Heat resistant glass

Heat-190x190Heat resistant glass is manufactured to resist temperatures up to 760°C. Here at Somerville Glass we can replace the broken heat resistant glass in your wood heater or coonara door. The process is very simple, just bring the door into the factory and we can replace the glass for you with same day service, if you have any problems removing your door or have any question simply contact us and we should be able to guide you through the process. We specialise in heat resistant glass and we have all the different fire proof ropes and tapes to get your door back in action and acting like new.

Well-suited for ovens and other surfaces that experience direct exposure to extreme heat our resilient and protective heat resistant glass helps Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula residents cook with confidence no matter the temperatures inside the oven. Our industry-leading and durable heat proof glass keeps Mornington Peninsula properties cool when cooking at high temperatures, increasing the quality of life of our customers.

When most glass is heated, it expands, when cooled, it contracts. This is known as thermal expansion, and the amount the glass expands or contracts is measured in something called the thermal expansion coefficient. Normal glass has a high thermal expansion coefficient, this means that when normal glass is heated it expands very quickly. When the glass expands rapidly it breaks, this is known as thermal shock or a thermal break. Glass can be made to resist thermal shock or a thermal break by changing its chemical composition, method of manufacture, or both.

Schott Robax® Heat Resistant Glass

SCHOTT ROBAX® is an extremely heat-resistant, transparent ceramic fireplace glass which can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs. Thanks to its extremely low thermal expansion, neither high temperatures (up to 760°C) nor considerable temperature changes can do harm to SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramic panels. ROBAX® ceramic fireplace glass has thus proved a reliable vision window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and stoves for 30 years. Onlookers can enjoy the dancing flames and cozy warmth, are protected from flying sparks, and make optimum use of energy through targeted regulation of ingoing air and flue gas.

To find out more about our thorough and highly-effective range of fire-resistant glass products Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula residents can get in touch with our skilled and passionate glaziers on 03 5977 6202.