Energy Efficient Glass

3-190x190Energy efficient glass can be a very confusing subject, here at Somerville Glass we can answer any of your questions and provide expert advice to ensure we achieve the right outcome for your job.

Energy efficient glass is a number of different products, but basically energy efficient glass will act as insulation for your home, reducing heat gain and reducing heat loss. In the past high performance glass has been seen an expensive option, as far as insulating your home was concerned, but the cost of energy efficient has dropped significantly over the past few years and the benefits have only increased. With energy costs rising and the benefits of reducing your carbon footprint becoming increasing factors, there has never been a better time to upgrade the glass in your home.

Types of energy efficient glass

There are two main types of energy efficient glass, Low E coated glass and double glazed units.

Low E coated glass is where a highly durable coating is embedded in the glass surface. This coating gives the glass something called low emissivity, this coating reduces the amount of heat gained through the glass in summer by reflecting the suns radiation away from the house. In winter the glass works with the opposite affect, the low e coating on the glass prevents the heat in the house from escaping through the glass by reflecting it back into the room.

Here is a short intro to energy efficient glass.