Curved Glass

curved-190x171We can supply and install curved glass to nearly any application. Our glaziers are experts at installing curved glass in antique cabinets, curved windows, meat displays and machinery. As the preferred supplier of curved glass to many supermarkets, local and interstate and also many small butchers and deli’s, we are known for our prompt service and quick turnaround. Our glaziers will come to your home or business, take all the necessary measurements including the radius and even a template of the shape if required; we will then determine if your curved glass is one of our standard shapes we carry in stock, or whether we will need to manufacture a shape to suit. We can also supply double glazed curved glass units or laminated safety curved glass.

Curved Glass Manufacturing

Every piece of curved glass starts its life as a normal flat sheet of glass and the process involved in turning it from flat glass to curved glass is a fascinating one. Firstly, the shape of the curve needs to be determined either by measuring or making a template. The template is then transferred to flat steel where the shape is then cut out, this is then repeated a number of times. The flat steel is then stood up right and the glass is placed on top. The steel and glass are then put into the oven and heated to a temperature where the glass starts to bend to the shape of the steel below. Once the glass has slumped into the shape below the temperature of the oven is slowly lowered evenly. Once the glass is cool any extra processing can then be carried out as required. Here is great video showing this amazing process.

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